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"I speak for the trees who can't speak up for themselves. 
UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better."
I speak for the Cannabis Plants for they cannot speak for themselves. 



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Brynn Jones speaking on behalf of The Marijuana Party of Canada during Vancouver 420 2018. 

Brynn Jones has been an outspoken leader and advocate for cannabis reform and freedom for nearly 30 years. 

"Education is the key!"

is his platform. 

A World renown  Canadian Cannabis Hero
Education is key!

Founder & President of Mariceuticals Hemp & Cannabis Corporation
I have dedicated my life to cannabis and hemp education, development, marketing, counseling, peer networking and advocacy.
Through the BrincoGroup of Companies & Mariceuticals Hemp & Cannabis Corporation I have worked hand in hand with professionals to develop and nurture what we believe will be the future of recreational and medical cannabis.
In Kelowna I set up the Green Phoenix Medical Cannabis Consulting Clinic to provide high quality private medical options for anyone seeking an in-depth experience with medical cannabis and associated fields.
I also established the Cannabis for Sick Children Foundation in an effort to bring unity to the many canna families who have been left in the cold, seeking answers for their children that the medical field seems to have forsaken.
I proudly post my adventures and lessons on my personal Facebook page
With some encouragement I began to record my knowledge and opinions on a Vlog posted on Facebook titled ASK BRYNN
Education, access, support, development, cooperation and success are my goals. Together my team works daily to bring innovations and changes to a very murky science. Thousands of years of knowledge was suppressed but no longer, now we the community speak out and work together for those who cannot speak themselves.
In 2019 I was approached by the Marijuana Party of Canada, In January 2019 I began my work as West Canada Director, Party Officer & Candidate

Post Covid I have taken residency at Kelowna First Aid to continue my services as a fire emt and educator. 
I am now the VP of Public Relations for Kelowna Toastmasters

Also I hosted Vancouver 420 2023 @ Sunset Beach Vancouver BC  

I am proud to be Canadian

 Not long ago in a place very close to here, there was a darkness upon the land. Elected officials bestowed a great tragedy on it's people. Many years later the people of this land stood in defiance and demanded Reform, Honesty and Transparency.

An establishment whos sole duty was to hunt and punish those who strayed from the dictation of control was burned to ashes. 

From those ashes arose a movement of Canadian Cannabis Hero's.

The veteran's of a nearly century long WAR ON DRUGS. 



Brynn is an accomplished and award winning industry Pioneer, Public Speaker and Educator.

From extensive work in the Hemp & Cannabis Industry,  Liquor / Live Entertainment Industry, Political Representation and Adult / Firefighter Educator fields.


Graduate of the Justice Institute of British Columbia 

- Firefighter, Wildfire, Hazmat, Community Evacuation, Trainer Program, Inspections and Enforcement. 

- BST Security Training - AST Security Training 

- MOAB Management of Aggressive Behaviors

Masters of Cannabis

- Cannabis Training University 

VP of Public Relations.

- Kelowna Toastmasters 2796 


- Kelowna First Aid / Div of St.Mark James Training 

Host of Vancouver 420 2023 @ Sunset Beach, Vancouver BC 



Clubs, Organizations, Companies & more Brynn has had the pleasure of interacting with or speaking for. 

Brynn helped us navigate cannabis prescriptions, education and Doctor access for our child. 

P Johnston, Mother of a canna kid. 

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